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tackling Poverty

By donating towards our causes, you can help save lives. Food and homes are been taken away for the people of Palestine on a daily basis. We want to help as many people as we can

Make Big Impact

Donations can be big or small. Remember every donation counts. By feeding one child you have given them hope to live through another day.

Unite the Society

Our membership is open to all people who desire to see peace and justice prevail in the historic land of Palestine.

How we work


The PSA is made up of individuals, groups and organisations from diverse backgrounds. We draw on our experience as activists in the South African National Democratic Revolution and the International Anti-Apartheid Movement to promote peace, justice and human dignity for all.


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Let's protect the Future

The PSA is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.We are a non profit organization that runs projects and campaigns with the aim of creating awareness of the injustices and oppression suffered by the people of Palestine. We also raise funds for projects that will directly benefit the lives of those who are suffering in the occupied territories. We invite one and all, irrespective of their racial, religious or cultural background to stand with us in solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine



Our Mission


The PSA strives to build a National and International Movement that supports the campaign to isolate Apartheid Israel and promote solidarity with the people of Palestine in their quest for self determination.

In this we draw attention to the human rights violations perpetrated by Apartheid Israel, the inequality that defines the racism inherent in Zionism and the injustices that continue to cause conflict and suffering.

Furthermore, we will also celebrate the heroic battles and victories of Palestinian people and movements in their struggle for freedom and human dignity.

We Work to Save Humanity

The Palestine Solidarity Alliance will:

• Engage and work with grass root organisations to form a United Front to lead an international anti-apartheid movement against Apartheid Israel.

• Highlight the parallels between the South African and Palestinian Struggle for a just and democratic society. We will show that a “democracy” based on privileges for one people and not for another defined Apartheid in South Africa, as Zionism now defines Apartheid in Israel.

• Through education, community outreach and public action raise consciousness about the Palestinian struggle against the oppressive, colonial and militarist state of Israel.

• Expose the evil nature of Zionism as a racist colonial venture in defiance of four Geneva Conventions, UN Resolutions 181, 194, 242, 338, and other multilateral and international human rights conventions, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

• Develop practical recommendations on how to make Israel accountable to international law in order to protect the rights of the Palestinian People.

• Provide relief and support to the victims of Apartheid Israel’s aggression in Palestine

• Call on the South African government to condemn human rights abuses against the people of Palestine and promote their right to self determination.